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Custom Travertine Sink

Custom Travertine Sink

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This custom travertine sink is handmade, durable, long lasting, washable and unique.
It was cut and assembled by hand delicately.

If you want to have your custom, unique travertine sink, contact with us.

Preparation of a customized sink may vary within 1 - 3 weeks depending on the material you wish and details of your order.

Dimensions ( can be customized): 178 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm / 70'' x 19.7'' x 10''
Material Type (can be customized): Travertine
Material Colour and Pattern (can be customized): Vein Cut Beige Travertine
Mounting Type (can be customized): Vanity Top
Drain Type (can be customized): Standart Hole
Finish Type (can be customized): Honed
Shape : Rectangle
Faucet Hole ( can be customized): N/A

Cleaning Details:
- Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning products like bleach.
- Avoid from lemon, vinegar or products that contain any other acids.
- Seal the product properly seal and often.
- Choose your cleaning products carefully. It’s best to clean your marble products with gentle dish detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth.

- We pay particular attention to the details. All our products are being shipped in strong wooden cases arranged according to order dimensions with full support material inside to avoid any damage.
- All our products are being shipped as insuranced by DHL.
- After dispatching, your order will be delivered within 3-8 days.
- Please add your phone number with your orders for shipping information requirements.

Marble Sink / Travertine Sink / Travertine Bathroom Vanity

Care & Maintenance

Because Marble and Travertine surfaces are porous and absorbent, there are a few things to pay attention.

Due to marble and travertine characteristics, you must avoid certain solutions (like acids, coffee, alcohol) coming in contact with the marble. This also applies to cleaning products (including vinegar, lemon juice or other cleaners containing acids).

To minimize the effect of the etching and staining you should try protecting this beautiful and natural material by putting a coaster under items, such as glasses, placed on the marble surface, especially if they contain alcohol or acid as well as having a renewal of the coating done yearly or twice per year. Wipe up food and liquid spills as soon as possible.

To clean the marble surface use warm water and a non-abrasive sponge or soft cloth. It is the best method for cleaning, but it will not remove etching or stains that are permeated on the surface. 

What to avoid

  • Do not use solid placemats under ceramics, such as silver or other solid objects that may scratch the stone surface. 
  • Do not use bleach, ammonia, general-purpose cleaners or abrasive cleaning agents, abrasive paper or steel wool.
  • Do not use cleaners that contain acid such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, tub cleaners or tile cleaners. 
  • Do not use alkaline cleaners not specifically formulated for natural stone.
  • Do not leave pools of water on the marble surface, as it could end up leaving stains. 

What can be used

  • Marble surfaces can be treated with a special anti-stain and anti-oil products.
  • Professional refinishing is recommended to remove etch marks and restore the stone’s natural finishing. However, if you do not have access to it, you can manually remove the stains.
  • If a stain is particularly difficult, use a soft scrub pad to buss out the stain and wipe it with a cloth to remove the dust.
  • Finally, you may apply stone sealant to re-establish protection on the affected areas. If you choose to seal your marble, use a quality product and follow the manufacturer’s directions for use (stone sealants can be purchased at almost any home improvement centre).
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